City of Moreno Valley, Indian Street Over SR/60 Moreno Valley, CA
Moreno Valley, CA

  • COST: $11 million

Schwab Engineering was tasked by the City of Moreno Valley Public works to develop preliminary design of the subject bridge. Schwab Engineering initially performed a thorough inspection , load rating analysis, seismic analysis and recalculation of of Bridge Sufficiency Rating and coordinated with Caltrans Distric 8 and HQ, DLA, SLA and SM&I to update bridge inspection report. The existing bridge was constructed in 1964. It is 2 span PC/PC concrete about 170-ft long. It has several girders damaged by vehicle impact and rated SR= 55. Schwab Engineering has provided assistance to the City in preparation of (HBP) Funding for replacement of the subject structure and working towards approval of federal funding.