U.S. DVA – Jerry L Pettis Memorial, Loma Linda Healthcare System
Loma Linda, CA
Upgrade Chiller Plant

VA3BodyUpgrade Chiller Plant

Schwab Engineering is providing A/E Engineering Design Services for this Chiller Replacement   at VA Loma Linda. The project consists of replacing existing Chillers with two (2) 900 Ton VFD Chillers together with necessary related work and equipment. New 900 Ton Variable Speed Chillers is designed to operate to 200 Ton during minimal load. Scope of work includes:

Replace existing Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger with expanded capacity designed to use during winter months
Replace 4160 Volt Unit Substation and Transformers with 480 Volt Unit Substation and Transformers to match new VFD Chiller requirement. Provision of redundancy to 480 Volt Transformer
Design of BacNet DDC Controller for secondary loop to accommodate increased demand in chilled water system
Design for required temporary power
Design to minimize shutdown of chillers