U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – VA Medical Center Cheyenne
Cheyenne, WY
Chiller Plant Upgrade

VA5BodyChiller Plant Upgrade

Schwab Engineering has provided architectural and engineering Design Services for this Chiller Replacement Project at Cheyenne VA Medical Center. The project consists of evaluation of existing Chiller Plant located in the Basement of Buffalo Building in light of the current site usage requirements, ongoing new projects in design, and planned future campus expansion and the renovation of Chiller Plant to meet the future demands of the campus. Scope of work includes the following:

Site evaluation of the existing Chiller Plant including existing chillers, cooling towers, chilled water primary and secondary pumps, condenser water pumps, piping arrangement and distribution system, chiller room normal and emergency distribution system and structural support system.

Perform Life Cycle Cost Analysis of different Chiller Options.

Propose new system similar to the existing brand in order to maximize interoperability, interchangeability, and minimize maintenance stocks.

Prepare Construction Documents for a complete and fully functional design of chilled water plant capable of meeting the current and anticipated future loads.