U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – VA Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Expand Supply Processing, Decontamination & Distribution

VA8Body1 VA8Body2Expand Supply Processing, Decontamination & Distribution

Schwab Engineering is providing A/E Services as a Prime Consultant for the Expand SPD Project at Veterans Affairs Health Care System Phoenix including the following scope of work:

The current location of Supply Processing, Decontamination and Distribution sections requires the transportation of instruments and materials through public corridors and elevators. Furthermore, the SPD lockers and changing rooms are not configured to allow direct access to the corresponding work areas, thus resulting in staff having to cross a public hallway when moving from the soiled work area to the locker room for changing.


This project intent is to alleviate some of these issues by allowing the Supply, Processing and Decontamination service, along with the Supply Distribution section, to be located in a building contiguous to the Operating Rooms. This narrative includes options for the new building for SPS and Logistics program, support areas and offices, a dedicated elevator(s) to provide for transportation of clean and dirty instruments and supplies to and from the future Operating Rooms on third floor of this new building, and correct all the deficiencies of the current SPD location.