U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – VA Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ
VA Medical Center
Phoenix, AZ

Feasibility Study for Hybrid OR’s

Feasibility Study for Hybrid OR’s

Schwab Engineering has provided architectural and engineering services as a Prime Consultant for the Feasibility Study for Hybrid OR’s at Veterans Affairs Health Care System Phoenix including the following scope of work:

1. Provide a means to identify alternative approaches to providing future Operating Suite and Hybrid Operating Rooms.

2. Gather all data including existing drawings and previous reports including structural calculations, campus chilled water and electrical studies to perform feasibility report.

3. Participate in User’s Group Meeting with VA Staff Members including Engineering, Chief of Cardiology and Surgery, and other key Clinical and Administrative Staff.

4. Prepare Feasibility Report including location suitability options proposed, conceptual layout of each options, utility sufficiency and requirements, and rough order of magnitude (ROM) of the major component of each of the options.