U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – VA West LA Medical Center
West Los Angeles, CA

VA4BodyDesign for Upgrade of HVAC Systems

Schwab Engineering was to design the method to remove and replace the existing failed duct system completely from the point of the intake in room 0444B in the ground floor of Building 500 to the exhaust fan located on the 2nd floor exterior equipment deck. Schwab’s tasks included:

• Inspected the existing exhaust duct routing, design, materials, and methods of joining to understand the cause of the failure of the duct.
• Provided specification for the method of testing duct for air tightness including length of time and pressure required to be maintained during the test.
• Provided Construction Administration Services to review shop drawings, material specs, respond to RFI, and minimum two (2) site visits during construction. The first site visit will be upon completion of the horizontal section running from the sterilizer to the 90 degree upward bend toward the roof, prior to the vertical section being installed. The second site visit will be to witness the pressure test.