U.S. DVA – Southern Arizona VA Healthcare Center System
Tucson, AZ
Improve ICU Environment B38

Improve ICU Environment B38

Schwab Engineering has provided A/E Services as a Prime Consultant to Improve ICU Environment B38 Project at the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System (SAVAHCS) Tucson for the following scope of work:

The project will modernize and refresh all finishes and complete systems repairs/improvements to this facility’s 19 bed ICU located on the second floor of B38. In addition to floor replacement—wall finishes, handrails/bumper/corner guards, select doors/hardware, ceiling, lighting, and casework will be refreshed. The medical gas system will be reassessed and deficiencies addressed.

Medical equipment columns will be disassembled, inspected, repaired if needed and rebuilt. All window seals and gaskets will be replaced. HVAC controls will be upgraded to digital and the HVAC ductwork and VAV boxes will be rebuilt or replaced. Domestic water piping and fixtures will be reworked to insure compliance with Legionella and domestic water temperature requirements