U.S. DVA – Southern Arizona VA Healthcare Center System
Tucson, AZ
Inpatient HVAC System Upgrade

Inpatient HVAC System Upgrade

Schwab Engineering has provided A/E Services as a Prime Consultant for the Repair Inpatient Negative Air Exhaust System Project at the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System (SAVAHCS) Tucson for the following scope of work:

Most negative air systems are chain ganged with multiple patient rooms located on a single ductwork/exhaust fan arrangement. Negative air in one room can be lost due to planned preventative maintenance activities, as well as during exhaust fan failure or a broken belt. This project will install redundant exhaust fans, automated controls, visual indication at each room, and alarm points to insure that one exhaust fan is always operational.

Numerous exhaust fans require replacement duw to age/condition. A total of 35 negative air room locations in six buildings will be assessed and reconfigured under this project. This project will provide local, visual alarm and remote alarm at the ECC to show non-compliance in maintaining negative air pressure difference. Provide an automatic (DDC) airflow control valve in the exhaust air duct to measure and modulate the airflow as required. All exhaust shall be HEPA filtered.