Vandenberg AFB – XUMU 11-1240B – Design Redundant HVAC at Building 7011
Vandenberg AFB, CA

Schwab Engineering has provided the Engineering Design (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering services) and Support Management for the HVAC Design for building 7011. The facility is an existing building and houses critical data processing equipment and the scope of services involves:

  • Site verification of existing condition and meeting with the facilities and engineering.
  • Scanning of the as-built drawings of the related portion of the project to tiff format and draw to AutoCad
  • Perform HVAC heat load analysis.
  • Replacement of existing and upsize outdoor split DX air handling units with chilled water type.
  • Preparation of
  • Modification of the existing indoor air handling unit to provide redundancy for the fans and partial backup for the cooling coil.
  • Design of the two new outdoor packaged water chillers.
  • Modification of the ductworks for both outdoor and indoor air handlers.
  • Design and modification of heating piping where required by the replacement of the ductworks.
  • Design to connect the existing BMS controller to the existing UPS.
  • Design to provide new BMS consoles.
  • Upsize power feeds to the new equipment.
  • Verification of electrical service to the building and if found to be inadequate, design changes will be
  • Architectural planning for the ceiling due to duct and pipe replacements.