Vandenberg AFB – XUMU 12-1259B – Replace Piping at Building 9192
Vandenberg AFB, CA

Schwab Engineering has provided professional A/E services to conduct field Engineering Design, investigation and prepare construction documents for replacing piping at Building 9192. The facility is an existing dormitory for enlisted men and women building. The scope of services for this project involves:

  • Site verification of existing condition and meeting with the facilities and engineering.
  • Completion investigated services of existing piping, camera/ video and record and report all findings.
  • Scanning of the as-built drawings of the related portion of the project to tiff format and draw to AutoCad
  • Determination of the extent of pipe demolition and remodel based on investigated report.
  • Preparation of demolition and remodel plans.
  • Design engineering to include replace existing pipe and pipe fittings.
  • Preparation of architectural drawings to include demolition and remodel work for walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Preparation of structural drawings for sawcut and remodel concrete floors, and pipe sleeve requirements.
  • Separation of laundry pipe and fitting from sanitary piping.
  • Preparation of specifications and cost estimation.