Vandenberg AFB, XUMU 12-1273B- Replace 12 KV Switchgear at Substation C – Bldg 1230
Vandenberg AFB, CA

Schwab Engineering has provided A/E services to conduct field investigation and prepare construction contract documents to replace 12KV switchgear at substation C, at Building 1230. The existing 12KV switchgear is fed from an existing 10 MVA, 69 – 12 / 6.9KV transformer. Existing transformer is being replaced with new 10MVA transformer under separate contract.

The new 12KV switchgear will consists of four (4) vertical sections with the same number of breakers, spare and space for future. Control power for the new switchgear will be from the existing station batteries with charger for DC control for closing and tripping of the breakers.

The new switchgear will have an infrared window at each rear door to allow the VAFB personnel to complete a thermal inspection of the switchgear without opening doors. The new 12KV switchgear will be manufactured and assembled to comply with ANSI Standards, IEEE, U.L., IBC/CBC Seismic and the California Code.